viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

Generation 2015: Meet the young participants and their testimonies / Conozcan a los jóvenes participantes y sus testimonios

"Hi, my name is Valentina Viera. I liked everything about the trip, and I didn’t  want to come back home. What I liked most was the opportunity to practice  my English and meet new people. The family that hosted me was very kind and nice, and their daughter was at first a very quiet girl, but later she was so much fun!"

"My name is Milena Cranchi. What I loved the most from this trip was that I could practice my English, spend time with the American family, and discover another country that is so different from mine."

"My name is Mateo Bodega. I loved this trip from Uruguay to the United States. I want to repeat a student exchange program again. At first, I thought that I didn't know much English, but when I went to there I learned new words and practiced a lot. I really liked everything in the United States, and I wish that everyone from 6th grade can have this experience too."

 "My name is Agustin Piriz. The USA is a very cool and beautiful country. I love it. I liked a lot of areas in Indianapolis, but my favorite ones were the Motorspeed Highway and its museum, because I love cars. On Thursday  we went to a restaurant called Golden Corral. We had lots of delicious food. On Sunday we played paintball with Martín, Luis and Mateo.  On Monday, during the second week, we went to the zoo. There were a lot of animals, but my favorite one was the tiger. Then the next day we went to the Children's museum. That was so much fun. On Thursday we went to the Pacers Stadium, which was gigantic!"

"My name is Eugenia Mallarino. I liked this trip because I was with my friends all the time and we enjoyed all the fieldtrips around Indianapolis.  I love that city because it has a lot of special things and beautiful places."

"Hi, my name is Guadalupe Fernandez. I liked Indianapolis because it has a lot of wonderful things and places. The place that I liked most was Corner Praire and Latitude 36º. A thing that I will never forget was when I touched a baby shark!"

"Hello, I'm Agustina Canclini. Thank you so much for everything!. I liked this student exchange program because I made many new friends. For me, the best place was the Motor Speedway and the Children's Museum. All the people I met were nice and fun."

"My name is Delfina Soroa. I learned a lot of things in the United States. I met new people and friends. I tried different foods. The family that hosted me was from Pakistan. They have a child named Lara. We made many good friends. The family was very nice and kind. We enjoyed this trip a lot. Indianapolis was a really nice experience for me".

"My name is Daniel Espondaburu. I loved this exchange program in the USA. It took us a long time to get to Indianapolis. On the first day there we went to a national park called Eagle park. On the third day I traveled 500 miles from Indianapolis with my host family. Then, on the fourth day we went to Corner praire. We also visited a public library . I also went skating with Mateo, Luis  and Edgar. We had a birthday party on the weekend and during the last week we visited a zoo. That was my favorite place."

"My name is Antonio Pagani. My trip to Indiana was incredible. My host family was awesome. I will never forget all the fieldtrips we took. Indianapolis is a very beautiful city!"

"My name is Joefina Yaffé. I liked it when I went to Chicago with my host family. I also went to the zoo with all my classmates. The Motor Speedway was  fantastic too. I really loved this trip!"

"My name is Juliana Conde. When I went to Unied States the family who hosted me was super fun. I liked it when they took me to Taylor Swift's concert.  I could sing all the songs with Antonella".

"My name is Carolina Della Nave. When I traveled to the USA I stayed at the house of a very nice family. The best day for me was on Saturday because I went to Chicago, but every day was fun and special. It was a very beautiful experience to know lots of customs and traditions of the United StatesAlso, Park Tudor school was incredible because it was so different from mine. I want to repeat this experience again!!!"

"My name is Antonella Lupinacci. The family who hosted me was fun and wonderful. I learned a lot of English. I also saw Taylor Swift's gig. Park Tudor school was really different. I think it's bigger than mine."

"I liked the exchange program because my experience in the USA was exciting. I had never traveled to this country before. My host family also hosted Mateo. It was a very nice Muslim family. We tried Arabian food and we loved it".

"The USA was so cool! I loved it when we played paintball with Agustín and Martín. We also went bowling. I really liked the family that hosted me. Those were the best days in my life. I couldn't buy an Iphone. I think I will have to return there!"

"My name is Victoria Igarzabal. When I went to the USA I stayed at a big house. My host family was made up of the parents and two girls. I visited a mall with Katherine, the girls' mother. It was also very big. All the food we had in Park Tudor and the field trips was very delicious. One day we went to a zoo. It was full of animals. We also touched some sharks. I really like the USA. I want to go back!"

"My name is Sofía Dellepiane. I really loved this student exchange program because it was fantastic. I spent most of the time with my friends and we had lots of tasty food. My host family was very good with me. We went shopping at a mall and had dinner at a fancy restaurant. I had so much fun there. Thanks so much for having me!"

"I'm Martín Neira. On my first day in the student exchange program I met my host family. I played a lot with them. We went ice-skating and made lots of friends. We also visited a zoo. I could touch a shark! We had lunch at wonderful restaurant called Golden corral. But the best thing I did was when I played with robots at a public library! I really loved Indiana and its people."

lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2015

At Indy Zoo / En el Zoológico de Indy

On September 21st our students spent a great part of the day visiting the Indianapolis zoo. Home to nearly 1,600 animals and 23,000 plants, including many threatened and endangered species, Indy zoo immerses visitors into many natural environments. In fact, as our children traveled through it, they went from one fascinating ecological system to another, and they began to get a sense of appreciation for the diversity of life in our planet. They even had the chance to touch sharks, view dolphins from more than 10 feet under water, feed birds as they rested on their shoulders, and even elevate themselves into the arboreal world of orangutans. From the polar lands of the penguins and bears to the realm of the beasts - the majestic white rinos - near the far end, their visit to the Indianapolis Zoo was literally a trip around the world.

Durante el 21 de setiembre nuestros alumnos pasaron gran parte de la jornada visitando el Zoológico de Indianápolis. Hogar de 1,600 animales y 23,000 plantas, incluyendo muchas especies amenazadas y en peligro de extinción, este lugar sumerge a los visitantes en una amplia variedad de medio ambientes naturales. De hecho, mientras nuestros chicos se movían a través del zoológico pasando desde un ecosistema fascinante a otro,  comenzaron a apreciar la gran diversidad de vida existente en nuestro planeta. Tuvieron la chance de tocar tiburones, ver delfines debajo del agua a una profundidad de 3 metros, alimentar aves mientras se posaban en sus hombros e incluso elevarse a las alturas de un mundo arbóreo donde habitan los orangutanes. Desde las tierras polares de los pingüinos y los osos al reino de las bestias - los majestuosos rinocerontes blancos - la visita al Zoológico de Indianápolis fue literalmente un viaje alrededor del mundo.

viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015

Grabbing a taste of Indy: Lunch at "Acapulco Joe's" and strolling around The Circle / Saboreando Indy: Almuerzo en "Acapulco Joe's" y paseando por The Circle.

After leaving the Learning Curve, students and teachers from Scuola and Park Tudor headed for "Acapulco Joe's" where they had a succulent lunch. Joe's is one of the best Mexican restaurants in Indianopolis. Furthermore, the place is also filled with history. Joe Rangel, its founder had the courage to achieve the American dream. After unsuccessfully crossing the Rio Grande seven times and ultimately landing in a U.S. prison, Rangel "mistakenly" found himself in Indianapolis, where he founded what remains one of Indy's most popular dining establishments. Joe passed away in 1989, but "Acapulco Joe’s" lives on. To this day, a recording of Kate Smith singing “God Bless America” is played religiously every day at noon. The song expresses the feelings in the heart of this humble man who dearly loved his adopted country.

Luego de salir de Learning Curve, los estudiantes y profesores de la Scuola y Park Tudor se dirigieron a "Acapulco Joe's" donde almorzaron suculentamente. Joe's es uno de los mejores restaurantes de comida mexicana en Indianápolis. Además, el lugar está lleno de historia. Joe Rangel, su fundador, tuvo el corage de lograr el sueño americano. Luego de cruzar 7 veces sin éxito el Río Grande, terminó en su último intento en una prisión para luego arribar "erroneamente" a Indianápolis, donde fundó lo que hoy representa uno de los establecimientos de comida más populares de la ciudad. Joe falleció en 1989, pero "Acapulco Joe's" prevalece. Hasta la fecha, una grabación de Kate Smith cantando "God Bless America" se reproduce religiosamente cada día al mediodía. La canción expresa los sentimientos en el corazón de este hombre humilde que amó a su país adoptivo.

Taking the obligatory photo at "The Circle": the Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument is a 284 feet (87 meters) neoclassical construction built on Monument Circle, a circular, brick-paved street that intersects Meridian and Market streets in the center of downtown Indianapolis. The monument is the first in the United States to be dedicated to the common soldier. It is also the largest outdoor memorial and the largest of its kind in Indiana. It was designed by German architect Bruno Schmitz and built over a thirteen-year period, between 1888 and 1901. 

Tomando la foto "obligatoria" en "The Circle": el monumento de los soldados y marineros del estado es una construcción neoclásica de 87 metros (284 pies) erigida en Monument Circle, una calle circular pavimentada en ladrillos que intersecciona las calles Meridian y Market en el centro de Indianápolis. Dicho monumento es el primero en los Estados Unidos que homenajea al soldado común. También es el memorial más grande y más impresionante de su clase en Indiana. Fue diseñado por el arquitecto alemán Bruno Schmitz en un período de trece años, entre 1888 y 1901.

Learning Robotics at The Learning Curve, Central Library, Indianapolis / Aprendiendo sobre Robótica en The Learning Curve, Biblioteca Central de Indianápolis

Open since December 2007, the Learning Curve is a high tech and hands-on information environment designed for today’s children. Located at the Central Library in Indianapolis, it is regarded as one of its greatest features. This section is a nearly an entire floor dedicated to children’s literature. It has inviting reading spaces and engaging activities scattered throughout. There are reading pods that allow children to watch a story being read aloud, a green screen and stage for acting out scenes, a baby area with toys,  and a number of computers with age appropriate games. During our visit students from Scuola and Park Tudor were taught to manipulate and control Lego NXT Robots Lego EV3 Robots, Lego WeDo Kits and Spheros.

Abierto desde Diciembre de 2007, el Learning Curve ("Curva del aprendizaje") es un ambiente de alta tecnología y práctica interactiva diseñada para los niños de hoy. Localizado en la Biblioteca Central de Indianápolis,  es considerado como uno de sus sitios más relevantes. Esta sección comprende casi todo un piso dedicado a la literatura infantil. Posee espacios de lecturas atractivos y actividades motivadoras a lo largo y ancho de la misma. Existen cápsulas de lectura que permiten a los chicos ver una historia mientras se la lee en voz alta, una pared verde para actuar en escenas, un área para bebés con juguetes y un gran número de computadoras con juegos acordes a la edad de cada grupo. Durante nuestra visita, a los estudiantes de la Scuola italiana y Park Tudor se les enseñó a manipular y controlar robots Lego NXT, EV3 Lego WeDo Kits y Spheros.